penjualan panas harga mesin laser cutting logam

penjualan panas harga mesin laser cutting logam

Product Overview

High speed automatic textile mesin laser cutting, using high-definition digital SLR to one time realization the high precision imaging, which is including the large-format and multi-pattern, and avoid the error of splicing the image and the decline in image quality.

The characteristics of more design are flexible point positioning, mutual recognition of disposable cutting multiple pattern, automatic find the border to correct the flexible and variability image, perfect solve the problem caused by material deformation and stretching.

This machine adopting high speed, high precision stepper motor, automatic feed, automatically capture the border and cutting speed is 2.5 times than of the traditional, which is the best choice of modern high-speed fully automatic large enterprise.

Revolutionary innovation

1 Using Vision Positioning System, exactly to find the border and cutting

2 Using high-definition digital SLR to one time realization the high precision imaging

3 Automatically feeding the material

4 Automatically correct and find the border again when the prints was deformed

5 Using high-speed servo motor

Parameter teknik

ModelFabric/Leather mesin laser cutting
Area kerja1800*1500mm / 1800*1200mm
Camera pixels 18 million
Minimun shaping character chinese character 2mm / letter 1 mm
Operaing temp. 5-45 degree
Gross power < 3000 W
Berat 900kg
Kekuatan laser 80w/ 100w/ 120w
 Kecepatan memotong 60 m / mnt
Rasio resolusi0.025mm
Repositioning accuracy+10%
operating humidity 5%-80%
Dimensi 2360*2280*3100mm/2000*2380*2500mm
Graphic format supportedDXF,DWD,JPEG,PCX,AI,TIFF,PLT,CDR,BMP

Industri yang berlaku

Under the car seat cushion blanking, snow boots slippers, pillow under the warm hand treasure material, clothing affixed cloth embroidered, woven label, trademark cutting, garment accessories, ornamental engraving, punching and trimming, leather punch, lofting and cutting, organic glass, plastic, PVC, paper, wood and bamboo, ceramic, granite, graven images industry.

Machine details

1 Applying Canon HD SLR camera, can use for dealing with 1.8 m big pattern, and cut along the fabric or leather edge, which can solve the problem cause by fabric and leather deformation and stretching, thus ensuring the precision of machine cutting

2 Imported Precision slider, High-speed and stable operation

3 Imported belts, there are 15 strips steel wires inside, have good flexibility and hard to be out of shape.

4 Lightweight laser head, move flexibly and fast

5 The device of automatic feeding and rolling materials, significantly increase productivity

6 Applying imported high-performance AC servo motor. The machine runs stably, precisely and fast.

7 Lightweight system, saves space and easy to operate.

Dedicated high-performance laser tube with the perfect optical system and stable laser power.

8 After machine painted, two gantry milling machine milling flat work surface to make precision reach±0.01mm, ensure that within 10 years of machine tool will not appear laser path deviation and make the machine more durable.

9 The camera on the top of machine will captures all patterns on the worktable one time, then with the help of applicable software, the patterns photo will be input into the computer, after DSP processing it, the machine will locate the pattern edge, thus the laser head will cut materials alone the edge of patterns.

Now is supply MUTOH sublimation printer,KOREAN/J-TECK/KIIAN sublimation ink, Heat Transfer Paper, Heat Press Machine and so on.

* Sublimation paper(non sticky or sticky with custom size and weight)

* Dark and light heat transfer paper(Solving the problem for cotton printing)

* Heat transfer vinyl/film(PVC, PU, Glitter, Flock, Reflective, Glow in dark, metallic, hologram etc)

* Sublimation ink(China INKTOP sulimation ink, Korea inktec sublimation ink, Italy JTeck sublimation ink, kiian ink)

* Heat press machine(roll to roll kinbd, flatbed kind,)

* Eco solvent printer, UV Leather printer, DTG printer.

* Textile sublimation printing services etc.

Rincian Cepat

Aplikasi: Pemotongan Laser
Kondisi: Baru
Jenis Laser: Serat Laser
Applicable Material: Acrylic, Crytal, Glass, Leather, Textile
Cutting Thickness:Materials
Cutting Area: 1800*1500MM
Cutting Speed: 50M/min
CNC atau Tidak: Ya
Mode Pendinginan: Pendinginan Air
Perangkat Lunak Kontrol: DSP
Graphic Format Supported: AI, BMP, DWG, DXF, PLT, JPEG,CDR,TIF
Place of Origin:
Sertifikasi: CE
Layanan Purna Jual Disediakan: Insinyur tersedia untuk melayani mesin di luar negeri
Nama Produk: Laser Metal Cutting Machine
Camera pixels:18 million
Min shaping character: chinese character 2mm/ letter 1mm
operating temp.: 5-45 degree
gross power: <3000W
weight: 900kg
Laser power: 80w/100w/120w
resolution ratio: 0.025mm
repositioning accuracy: +10%
operating humidity: 5%-80%

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