mesin pemotong laser stainless steel terbaik

spesifikasi mesin pemotong laser

Rincian Cepat

Aplikasi: Pemotongan Laser
Kondisi: Baru
Jenis Laser: Serat Laser
Bahan yang Berlaku: Logam
Ketebalan pemotongan: Tergantung
Cutting Area: 3000*1500mm
Kecepatan Pemotongan: 25m / mnt
CNC atau Tidak: Ya
Mode Pendinginan: Pendinginan Air
Format Grafik Yang Didukung: AI, BMP, DST, DWG, DXF, DXP, LAS, PLT
Certification: CE, GS, ISO, SGS, UL, Other
Layanan Purna Jual Disediakan: Insinyur tersedia untuk melayani mesin di luar negeri
Nama Produk: Mesin Pemotong Logam Laser Serat
Kekuatan laser: 500W / 1000W / 2000W / 3000W
Fungsi: Memotong Bahan Logam
Jenis: Pemotongan Lasr Serat
Wilayah kerja: 3000 * 1500mm
Warna putih
X,Y positioning accuracy: 0.05mm
X,Y reposition accuracy: 0.05mm
Kata kunci: Mesin Pemotong Laser Serat
Z axis stroke: 120mm

Karakteristik kami mesin laser cutting

1.Cast iron bed

Integrally formed, reject splicing

Using flake graphite cast iron, the lowest tensile strength of which is 200MPa.High carbon content, high compressive strength and high hardness. Strong shock absorption and wear resistance. Good casting and cutting performance. Excellent lubricity, corrosion resistanceand dimensional stability. Low thermal sensitivityand bed gap sensitivity reducethe loss of equipment in using, so the machine accuracy could maintainfor a longtime, and no deformation in alife cycle.

2.Auto focus laser head

Free your hands, enjoy auto focus


Applicable to various focal lengths, which are controlled by machine tool control system. Focal point will be automatically adjusted in cutting process to achieve the best cutting effect of different thicknessessheets metal.


Focal length is controlled by operating system. We don’t need to do manual regulation,which effectively avoids errors or faults caused by manual operation.


It can automatically adjust the most appropriate focal points in working process, greatly improvingcutting speed;

When replacing different materials or different thicknesses sheet, manual focus laser head needs to adjust focal length manually, very inefficient; auto focus laser head can read system storage parameters automatically, very efficient;


Meningkatkan panjang fokus perforasi, secara terpisah mengatur panjang fokus perforasi dan memotong panjang fokus, meningkatkan akurasi pemotongan.


Built-in double water-cooling structures can ensure constant temperature of collimating and focusing components, avoid lenses overheating and extend service life of lenses.

Increasing collimation protective lens and focus protective lens, carefully protect key components.

3.Operating system display

Elegant appearance curve

The first one to use UI design in the world which lets display respond to processing table, making processing more intuitive. Elegant curves precisely fit machine body. Strong waterproof breathable system creates the best space, making operation more convenient. Diamond cutting process and HD plasma tempered glass make screen more exquisite and comfortable to use.

3. Operating system display

Elegant appearance curve

The first one to use UI designin the world which lets displayrespond to processing table, making processing more intuitive. Elegant curvespreciselyfit machine body.Strong waterproof breathable system creates the bestspace, making operation more convenient. Diamond cutting processand HD plasma tempered glass make screen more exquisite and comfortable to use.

4. Cast aluminum crossbeam

Integral steel mold pressure casting, light, flexible and efficient

After artificial aging, solution treatment and finishing, crossbeam owns good integrity, rigidity, surface quality, toughness and ductility. Aluminum alloy’s metal characteristics of light weight and strong rigidity are helpful to high speed movement in processing, and high flexibility is beneficial to high-speed cutting of various graphics based on high accuracy. Light crossbeam can give equipment a high operation speed, improving processing efficiency to ensure processing quality.

Parameter dari mesin laser cutting

Max Cutting Range3000 * 1500mm4000*1500mmAccording to


Ukuran Mesin (L * W * H)2,4 * 4,7 * 1,9 m2.4 * 5.7 * 1.9m
AccessoryParts(L*W*H)Chitler 1*1*1.2m Control Box 1*0.8*1.8m

Fiber Module 0.5*0.6*0.14m

Medium LaserModul Semikonduktor Persimpangan Inti Tunggal
Kecepatan Pemotongan Maks35 m / mnt
Cara pendinginanPendingin air
Kekuatan Laser1000W/2000W/2500W/3000W/4000W
Lebar Baris Min0.1mm
Kedalaman pemotongan0,2-6mm
Drivingand Transmission WayImported Servo Motorand Linear Guide Rail
Persyaratan Daya380V / 50Hz / 16A
Waktu kerja terus menerus24 jam
Berat terkaitMachine Body 2732kg Trolley 116kg

Computer Cabinet 56kg Servo Cabinet 75kg

Transformer 77kg Chiller 93kg Fiber Module 50kg